I will be updating this with resources as I come across them:

My Korean Adoptee blog posts

Document with helpful tips from my December 2018 Trip to Seoul

Information for those adopted through Holt/Bethany

Matt LaVere’s Korean Adoptee Portrait Series

List of Helpful Websites and Organizations

G.O.A.L. – Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link
KAAN – Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network

Adoptees Connect

List of Facebook Groups

Korean Adoptees

KAD Mental Health & Wellness

Korean Adoptee Creativity


KADs Gone Wild!

Michigan Korean Adoptees (MIKA)

Detroit ArEa Branch of Adopted Koreans (DAEBAK)

KAtCH: Korean Adoptees of Chicago

AK Connection- Adopted Korean Connection

Also-Known-As, Inc.

Korean Adoptee Birth Family Search and Reunion

DNA tested Korean Adoptee’s and Korean War Veterans and their children

KAD 23andme Results Group

Korean Adoptee Memorial Page

KAD Korean Language Learners

KAD Singles & Dating

KAD Singles Group

Korean Adoptees

Some Mental Health and Grief Related Resources

Symptoms of Major Depression and Complicated Grief

Guidelines for Helping Grieving Children

Coping With The Stigma of Grieving an Overdose Death

Grief & the Loss of a Pet

Grief At Work: A Guide For Employees and Managers

Vaping 101 – Health Relation, Benefits, Dangers, Fun Facts, And More

AddictionResource.com – raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and supports better well-being and self-improvement

HealthFinder.gov promotes better health through education and awareness