Korean American Adoptees (KAA)
(Note: KAA maintains a list of Facebook Groups that is likely more up-to-date and comprehensive than my list below.)

Korean Adoptees

KAD Mental Health & Wellness

Korean Adoptee Creativity


KADs Gone Wild!

Michigan Korean Adoptees (MIKA)

Detroit ArEa Branch of Adopted Koreans (DAEBAK)

KAtCH: Korean Adoptees of Chicago

AK Connection- Adopted Korean Connection

Also-Known-As, Inc.

Korean Adoptee Birth Family Search and Reunion

DNA tested Korean Adopteeā€™s and Korean War Veterans and their children

KAD 23andme Results Group

Korean Adoptee Memorial Page

KAD Korean Language Learners

KAD Singles & Dating

KAD Singles Group

Korean Adoptees

Korean Adoptees searching for their birth families