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Teaching the Properties of Addition

Here are some fresh off the press resources that I’ve created for teaching the properties of addition.  One of them is an infographic that I created using Piktochart (I pay for the Pro Version) and the other is a new paper-based game that I’ve affectionately called ASCII for Associative Commutative Identity Inverse.  I plan to use these resources with my Pre-algebra and with my Math for Education classes.



Download this file


Statistics Resources from Across the Web

I’m preparing to teach statistics this summer, so statistics resources are on my radar right now.  Here are some that have been fed to me recently:

1.  Prezi on ‘Beyond Tables’ – Awesome Prezi on ditching the tables and integrating applets such as those over at Surf Stat.  

2.  YouTube Video – “Benford’s Law — How Mathematics Can Detect Fraud!”  – I wanted to teach Benford’s Law better the last time I taught statistics, but I didn’t know how.  This will help.

3.  10 Jaw-Droppingly Awesome Infographics on Education — If you didn’t see my spiel on Infographics from the last time I taught statistics, I would definitely plan using this assignment again in the future.  This is just one more example of why — Infographics are just so awesome!

4.  Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Resources — Some highlights of a recent web search I did on the topic.

Statistics Infographics Assignment

Specs for the infographics assignment for my Statistics class:
- Infographic example topics
  • statistics on education in America
  • statistics on OCC enrollment
  • injuries in sports
  • comparison of profits for Detroit Sports Teams
  • Mistakes in the medical field
- Include 3 different types of graphs (e.g., pie chart, line graph, bar graph, histogram, pictograph, ogive, etc.)
- At least 4 colors
- Group size: maxium 4, minimum 0
- Avoid plagarism
- Due: In two weeks (the day of the final)
Example Infograpics: