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Cities as Math Equations

I must have an insane mind or something.  I just found out that Posterous will embed Google Maps right into my posts, like this:

But then, I started searching around to see if there is actually a city named 'Math' anywhere in the world.  I couldn't find one.  If I'm wrong, please correct me, as it would be really awesome to live in a place like, 'Math, Michigan'.

However, the whole search wasn't a total loss, as I found an interesting article about Cities as Math Equations.

Maps and Mathematics

Just a couple of ideas that I think are interesting ways to approach the idea of using Maps to teach Mathematics.  I really think that the Map Application is a good away to introduce ordered pairs because students have to find locations such as A1, B2, etc., where there is a distinct order.  If you start getting students in the habit of thinking that the first coordinate is a letter and the second coordinate is a number, then it isn't as difficult to move to the first coordinate being the x-value and the second coordinate being the y-value.  And as for using Google Maps to Teach Elapsed Time, although the activity says Grades 3 – 5, I feel as if it could be easily adapted to any developmental math class.

Map Application.pdf
Download this file

Download this file