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‘Derive This Way’ Calculus Videos

These are both videos based on a parody of 'Born This Way' by Lady Gaga.  Personally, I don't like her music, but that's because I don't listen enough to the radio to know any of her songs.  However, I did find both of these videos very amusing in their own ways.  They were uploaded to YouTube only 1 day apart and of course, they are having their own little debate over whose idea came first.  Who cares!  Just enjoy the videos.
And by the way, I really am doing more than just spending my summer finding random YouTube videos about Calculus.  =D

Demo of Foldable Fraction Activity

Last week someone suggested that I try using ‘Foldables’ in my classes, but I didn’t know what those were at the time.  So, I decided to do a little research, and this is what I came up with.  I can send the template to you as well, if you would like.

Fraction Activity

More Videos

I first heard about these two videos from this Tech the Pluge post, but what isn’t mentioned there is that there are more videos that can be found.

Additional Videos: Getting Triggy Wit It and Teach Me How To Factor

Additional Videos:  Facebook for Math Nerds, Glee for Math Nerds, The Tonsil Hockey Team

An Array of Media — Video and Audio Clips

1.  JotForm Introductory Video

3.  Calculus Rhapsody (I know this isn’t new, but… a friend who is teaching Calculus this summer asked for a link.)

4.  Math:  It’s Everywhere

5.  A Short List of Great YouTube Channels

Videos on Multiplying Fractions

A couple of students in my on-line classes have been asking questions about multiplying fractions.  Should you simplify before or after multiplying?  How should you simplify?  By cross-canceling directly, or by a prime factorization and cross-canceling combo?  Here are some videos I have made to help clarify the situation.

View on screencast.com »

Statistics Resources from Across the Web

I’m preparing to teach statistics this summer, so statistics resources are on my radar right now.  Here are some that have been fed to me recently:

1.  Prezi on ‘Beyond Tables’ – Awesome Prezi on ditching the tables and integrating applets such as those over at Surf Stat.  

2.  YouTube Video – “Benford’s Law — How Mathematics Can Detect Fraud!”  – I wanted to teach Benford’s Law better the last time I taught statistics, but I didn’t know how.  This will help.

3.  10 Jaw-Droppingly Awesome Infographics on Education — If you didn’t see my spiel on Infographics from the last time I taught statistics, I would definitely plan using this assignment again in the future.  This is just one more example of why — Infographics are just so awesome!

4.  Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Resources — Some highlights of a recent web search I did on the topic.

Factoring the Difference of Two Perfect Squares

These videos are on Section 6.5.  Please watch the videos over the weekend and come prepared with the completed handout on Monday.  We will have further discussion in class.

View on screencast.com »

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