Work in International Math

Highlights of my work in the area of International Mathematics

As an international adoptee, I have always had an interest in international mathematics. I’ve wondered about lots of things, such as how my thinking about a mathematical problem may have been different if I’d grown up in my birth country of Korea.

To that end, I am committed to International Mathematics education through my membership in the Macomb Multicultural and International Initiatives Committee at my college and a part of AMATYC’s International Mathematics ANet. 

Each semester I have my students create cultural displays that are viewed by thousands of community members at the county library. I am also working on two articles to be published soon, hopefully – one in the MathAMATYC Educator on the ‘Uses of Base 10 Around the World’ and one in MAA’s Convergence on my students’ projects. I have also written teaching modules as a part of the Midwest Institute for Intercultural and International Education (MIIIE).