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Stories in Place

In partnership with Vimeo, Mailchimp presents a new collection of Stories in Place, a grant-funded video series that chronicles small businesses from around the world as they navigate the current business environment. In this series we’ll focus on the power, creativity, and business savvy of Black filmmakers and Black business owners. 

In a year where so many businesses are fighting to succeed, Black entrepreneurs are proving their resilience by continuing to operate and adapt given a global pandemic. These 7 films by 7 different directors artfully capture Black small business owners as they work to make their businesses thrive in the face of a pandemic.

 WDIV 2021 Black History Month Stories
Teachers dive deeper into lessons on Black history

Some teachers say they used widespread discussions about race and discrimination that led to unrest last year to dive deeper into this month’s focus on Black history. Katie Mencke, a kindergarten teacher in Massachusetts, said her school started preparing in the fall by taking a stronger position against bias and racism, while using a Black History Month curriculum that focuses on “justice, diversity and identity.”

College senior helps with rover’s Mars mission

“Being a Black woman in STEM, people may try to make you feel like you don’t belong,” she said, according to WSB-TV. “But always know that you belong in every room that you still put in and that you bring something to every conversation that’s being had. So you are valuable in every space that you are in.”

STEM program boosts Black athletes