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NCTM Position Statement on Access and Equity in Mathematics Education  
Report sparks debate over improving teacher diversity Teacher shortages and efforts to achieve a more diverse field of applicants have led some states to drop basic-skills requirements for admission into college teaching programs, while federal regulations in 2016 allowed a similar approach. However, a report from the National Council for Teacher Quality — which has been criticized by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education — highlights data showing that raising admissions standards can also improve diversity
Ensuring That All Students Can See Themselves in STEM Meeting professionals of color in science, technology, engineering, and math can be a game changer for high school students.
EQUITY UNBOUND: COMMUNITY BUILDING ACTIVITIES Recognizing that online learning creates unique obstacles and opportunities for building community, a team of educators crafted this resource kit to assist their fellow instructors in creating inclusive and engaging virtual classrooms. Though many activities are geared toward educational settings, event organizers may also appreciate this tool. The activities were curated with “intentionally equitable hospitality,” in mind, a framework that emphasizes the importance of meeting people where they are at, in order to make them feel welcome, and recognizes the different needs and perspectives of those within any given classroom or group. Activities range from short exercises that give students a break during class to icebreakers that will help create respectful and relational classrooms. Clicking on an activity will reveal additional details that may include a purpose statement, preparation guide, instructions, and other resources. This activity kit is a collaboration between OneHE (an educator support organization) and Equity Unbound (a collaborative curriculum focused on principles of equity, open access, connection, and intercultural learning experiences).
MAA’s Math Values Blog Mathematics drives society and shapes our lives. The Math Values blog from the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) explores the diverse voices of mathematics and discusses topics related to and affected by mathematics.
Taking an Equity Stance in Math Class A Blog Post by Mark Chubb
The Math Equity Project Equity in Mathematics is a one-week online summer institute followed by online monthly meetings on weeknights during the 2020-2021 school year for continued collaboration.  This course can be taken for credit (3 credits) or for non-credit professional development.
Stunning research on inequities of access to online learning in the USA In this blog post, Dr. Bates discusses the results of a study on U.S. children “learning online” during COVID-19 without the Internet or a computer.