Everyday Math for Everyday People

In 2019, I took a sabbatical with the purpose of visiting local, national, and international mathematical museums and displays. I hoped to use the findings from these visits to create activities for use in mathematics courses at Macomb Community College. I also hoped to improve the quality of my instructional ability by giving myself new experiences that I can use to help promote the college’s mission of supporting student success, individual growth, and social advancement. By visiting exhibits not only locally, but around the world, I hoped that the activities created would help students discover a better comprehensive worldview of mathematics.

Below is my documentation from the sabbatical (it will be updated as I continue to sort through the 12,000+ pictures I took):

Mathematical museums and exhibits:
Museum of Illusions – Toronto, CA
Science City – Kansas City, MO
Stonehenge Exhibit – Kansas City, MO
California Science Center – Los Angeles, CA
Russell Library – Maynooth, Ireland
Victoria Square Let’s Play Exhibit – Belfast, Northern Ireland
NEMO Science Museum – Amsterdam
Marsh’s Library – Dublin, Ireland
Salvador Dalí Museum – St. Petersburg, FL
Seocho Math Museum – Seoul, South Korea
Gateway to Science – Bismarck, ND
Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo – Royal Oak, MI
National Museum of Mathematics (online activities) – New York, NY

Here is a video slideshow of pictures from some of the museums:

Slides from my Presentation to SOAR Macomb on October 12, 2020:


Download slides

Other sabbatical activities:
Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) Workshops – Torrance, CA
MathFest – Cincinnati, OH
Short-Term Korean Language Program at Ewha Language Center – Seoul, Korea
Attend WisMATYC Conference
Attend MichMATYC Conference
Attend NDMATYC Conference
Attend AMATYC Annual Conference

Other Items of Interest:
Henry Ford Museum – Mathematica, A World of Numbers
Smithsonian Learning Lab
STEM Odyssey Exhibit at CuriOdyssey
Geometry Playground at Exploratorium
Exploratorium Mathematics Exhibits and Activities
Center of Science and Industry (COSI) (Columbus, OH)
Mathematikum (Giessen, Germany)
MathAMAZING Traveling Exhibit
Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention (Gainesville, FL)
Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast Episode on IBL
Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning (IJPBL)

I will also be posting pictures from my recent sabbatical on Instagram: