Everyday Math for Everyday People

In 2019, I took a sabbatical with the purpose of visiting local, national, and international mathematical museums and displays. I hoped to use the findings from these visits to create activities for use in mathematics courses at Macomb Community College. I also hoped to improve the quality of my instructional ability by giving myself new experiences that I can use to help promote the college’s mission of supporting student success, individual growth, and social advancement. By visiting exhibits not only locally, but around the world, I hoped that the activities created would help students discover a better comprehensive worldview of mathematics.

Below is my documentation from the sabbatical (it will be updated as I continue to sort through the 12,000+ pictures I took):

Mathematical museums and exhibits:
Museum of Illusions – Toronto, CA
Science City – Kansas City, MO
Stonehenge Exhibit – Kansas City, MO
California Science Center – Los Angeles, CA
Russell Library – Maynooth, Ireland
Victoria Square Let’s Play Exhibit – Belfast, Northern Ireland
NEMO Science Museum – Amsterdam
Marsh’s Library – Dublin, Ireland
Salvador Dalí Museum – St. Petersburg, FL
Seocho Math Museum – Seoul, South Korea
Gateway to Science – Bismarck, ND
Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo – Royal Oak, MI
National Museum of Mathematics – New York, NY

Other sabbatical activities:
Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) Workshops – Torrance, CA
MathFest – Cincinnati, OH
Short-Term Korean Language Program at Ewha Language Center – Seoul, Korea
Attend WisMATYC Conference
Attend MichMATYC Conference
Attend NDMATYC Conference
Attend AMATYC Annual Conference

Other Items of Interest:
Henry Ford Museum – Mathematica, A World of Numbers
Smithsonian Learning Lab
STEM Odyssey Exhibit at CuriOdyssey
Geometry Playground at Exploratorium
Center of Science and Industry (COSI) (Columbus, OH)

Mathematikum (Giessen, Germany)

I will also be posting pictures from my recent sabbatical on Instagram: