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How Do You Feel About Math? Activity

I eluded to the fact that I was going to do this activity last week on Twitter.  And here are some of the pictures that students picked out of magazines to describe the way that feel about math.  Yes, there are more pictures than comments, but one of the comments ‘Math makes me feel crazy’ was used to describe a few of the pictures.  Overall, I think the class had a good time with the activity.  I learned a lot about the students and the students learned a lot about each other.  Also, I think that it made the students feel a little better knowing that they aren’t in a boat by themselves when it comes to how they feel about math.  So, I would definitely recommend doing this activity in your own classroom.  

‘Math makes me feel like I need a drink.’
‘Math makes me feel crazy.’
‘Math makes me want to jump off the edge.’
‘Math makes me feel like I’ve been knocked down.’
‘Math makes me feel like my brains been taken to the cleaners.’
‘Math makes me think that is an never-ending stream.’

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By Jon Oaks

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