IGNITE Presentations

My past IGNITE Presentations

Title Location Resources
What is IBL? KYMATYC 2020 Video
What’s Math Got to Do With It? AMATYC 2019 (Milwaukee) Video
Why I Hate Email AMATYC 2019 (Milwaukee) Video
Two Mathematicians Walk into a Bar… AMATYC 2018 (Orlando) Video
What is MML? KYMATYC 2018  
Let’s Make Tacos Great Again! AMATYC 2017 (KYMATYC) Video
How to Deal with Teacher Burnout AMATYC 2015 (New Orleans) Video
The Dos and Don’ts of Personal Branding Online AMATYC 2013 (Anaheim) Video
A Vision for Long Term Educational Reform AMATYC 2012 (Jacksonville) Slide Deck | Video