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Jeopardy! ‘Body Count’ Category.

For some reason I happened to see Jeopardy on 1/11/11 and I found the category ‘Body Count’ really intriguing.  When you read the clues, I think you’ll find it intriguing as well:

  • 400 – Chambers of the heart squared
  • 800 – Usual number of ribs divided by 8
  • 1200 – Pairs of chromosomes times 2
  • 1600 – Permanent teeth divided by 2 and then multiplied by 10
  • 2000 – Number of bones in the average adult human body plus 0.

By the way, speaking of Jeopardy,  I found this FREE online “Make Your Own Jeopardy” Generator if you want to make a quick game for the classroom.  Now for the answers to the clues: 16, 3, 46, 160, and 206.  I didn’t get any of them right.  Apparently I know nothing about the body!

Additional Comment – Who thinks Watson could’ve gotten these correct?  (See and

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