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Joliprint, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Teaching Measurement

There have been so many times when I have wanted to print something from the web, but have had a very hard time getting it to print out correctly.  Joliprint is a resource that will definitely solve (most) of your problems.  For example, the other day, I printed this Convert, then Compete blog post from the Chronicle of Higher Education with the intent of having my students read the article and then write a paragraph response.  By the way, this turned out the be a very good activity that went along with the discussion of measurement in my Developmental Math class.  However, the print ended up being small and quite awkward.  Joliprint solved all of my problems, and I wish I had known about it BEFORE I printed this article for my students.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at the before and after, and I think you’ll be a Joliprint fan.  I know I am.

Before Joliprint:

Convert, Then Compete – Brainstorm – The Chronicle of Higher Education.pdf
Download this file

After Joliprint:
Download this file
By Jon Oaks

College Math Instructor. Tech Enthusiast. Visionary. Creative Genius. But above all, I enjoy what I do. That is why I am a teacher. Because I like to teach.

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