Korean American Adoptees (KAA)
(Note: KAA maintains a list of Facebook Groups that is likely more up-to-date and comprehensive than my list below.)

Korean Adoptees

KAD Mental Health & Wellness

Korean Adoptee Creativity


KADs Gone Wild!

Michigan Korean Adoptees (MIKA)

Detroit ArEa Branch of Adopted Koreans (DAEBAK)

KAtCH: Korean Adoptees of Chicago

AK Connection- Adopted Korean Connection

Also-Known-As, Inc.

Korean Adoptee Birth Family Search and Reunion

DNA tested Korean Adoptee’s and Korean War Veterans and their children

KAD 23andme Results Group

Korean Adoptee Memorial Page

KAD Korean Language Learners

KAD Singles & Dating

KAD Singles Group

Korean Adoptees

Korean Adoptees searching for their birth families