Math Manga

I was talking with some of my students this afternoon who asked me about my interest in Anime and Manga.  Of course, I immediately was intrigued by the possibility of combining Math and Manga and did a Google search (I’m really trying to avoid using Google as a verb these days) for “Math Manga”.  Well, apparently Lerner Publishing Group has a series on Manga Math Mysteries.  And then there are the Math Games from Manga High, which include the ever so popular “Ice Ice Maybe,” a wonderful game for teaching students estimation.  It actually has taught me a few things on estimation as well, such as I have to get a little faster at it, and I can’t look away from the computer or 3 penguins will die by the next time I look back at the screen.  Maybe I can have some of my students build on these thoughts next semester and create something for College Mathematics.  We’ll see.

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