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Mathematics and Fashion Design

At IADT I teach a lot of Fashion Design students and I know that they need to be really good at math for all of the measuring that they have to do for their patterns and whatnot.  However, how to get them engaged in the part of math that isn’t as directly applicable is sometimes quite difficult.  This week I was reminded about this struggle when one of my students brought in a winter hat that he made for me that says “Math Rocks” on it.  I really love the hat and I will definitely be wearing it this winter, but I was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t have more to offer him in terms of information on how math and fashion design are related.

So, I am currently on a textbook search and just ordered a review copy of The Mathematical Palette by Staszkow and Bradshaw.  I am wondering if anyone is currently using this textbook and could give me comments.  I also found a few Fashion Design career profiles and activities on the PBS website, along with a post on Wiki Answers.

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