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This semester I'm taking a class on Online Teaching and Learning (IST 670) at Oakland University.  It's a new class, so the instructor is developing the syllabus around our interests.  Wednesday was our first class.  During the discussion we talked about creating a database in MOODLE so that students could organize their thoughts and then search for them later.  But to me, I've never really warmed up to the idea of a database.  I mean, it's nice to have something that's searchable and student created.  But the whole time I was sitting there listening, I was constantly reminded about a this post over at Teaching College Math about Mindmaps for Learning.  I actually thought about it so much, that the next morning I gave my developmental math classes an assignment of creating their own mindmap on any topic in mathematics using Mindomo.  I know that this is a broad assignment, and maybe I should have limited the topics a little bit more, but since it's the first week of class, I also wanted to use it as an assignment to get to know my students and their level of creativity.
If you're not familiar with mindmaps, or mindomo, again, please check out the the post on Mindmaps for Learning.  In addition, on the Mindomo website, I found a couple of great mindmaps on Math News and the Top 20 Algebra Websites.  There is also a link on TechUp to the screencast which I have linked to below:

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