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My Search for a New Laptop

This week I bought a new laptop.  My search came down to the final three.  I ended up buying the Toshiba, but I thought it might be helpful to others to post the thoughts that went through my mind while picking between the three, as well as the specs on each of the machines from Best Buy.





·         Low price point; cannot beat the quality for the price.

·         Can do the basic stuff such as use the Internet and create documents for my classes.

·         Had bad experiences the HP in the past, but that was well over 10 – 12 years ago.

·         Sony looked slightly better.


·         Previous Sony Viao held strong for 3 – 4 years; the only reason that I was even looking to replace my laptop is because the battery life was only 15 minutes and the Z-key was broken.

·         Security in knowing exactly what I would be getting from having owned a Sony in the past.

·         When I tried to buy a new battery for my old laptop, I found out that Sony discontinued the battery for my model.

·         Having broken Z-key is very annoying when you want to use ‘Ctrl+Z’.

·         New Sony Model would probably have a low battery life, just like the old model.

·         Sony used to have a Sony Store at the local mall that I could visit in person for more selection and for more personalized service, but it closed without notice.


·         Price was not much more than the price of the Sony.

·         Machine is very lightweight, which makes it very easy for me to take with me wherever it needs to go.

·         Machine has a very long battery-life (at least compared to all of my previous laptops).

·         Machine has a solid state drive; this was a very big pro for me since I have had multiple fan failures with my past laptops.

·         Have never owned a Toshiba in the past so I would have no idea of what to expect from previous experience.

·         Every time I have seen a Toshiba in the stores in the past, they have always been heavy, hot, and on display with an extra cooling fan under it.

·         My personal perception of Toshiba is that it could end up being a lemon, just like the Averatec laptop I had before the Sony.

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By Jon Oaks

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