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KYMATYC Presentation – “Tacos ∀” PowerPoint |
February 2020
MathFest Presentation – “The Local Brewery: A Project to Introduce Differential Equations in an Into Calculus Course” July 2019
TODOS Presentation – “VOWEL: Vocabulary Overhaul: Increasing Understanding of Words in the English Language” TODOS Presentation June 2018
AMATYC Statistics Traveling Workshop Statistics Traveling Workshop June 2018
ETOM Fall 2014 Conference – “Using Games and Technology in the Classroom” Slide Deck | Reflections November 2014
MichMATYC Presentation – “The Next Generation of Games and Activities for the Classroom” Slide Deck | Pictures October 5, 2013
MiCTM Presentation Traverse City, MI
July 31-August 1
Faculty Academy Presentation Resources
Ignite AMATYC Slides Slide Deck | Video
MichMATYC Fall 2012 Conference -“Innovations in How I Look at the First Day of Class” Resources October 5-6, 2012
Michigan Center for Student Success Summit – “Interventions and Innovation in
Slide Deck
Screencast Camp 2012 Google Docs
MCTM Presentation Resources
ECOTS Poster Session Preliminary Poster Session
MichMATYC Presentation – “Capitalizing on Algebra Games and Activities in the Classroom” MichMATYC Presentation
DACTM Presentation DACTM Presentation
MCC Math Tech Workshop Little Big Slide Deck | Camtasia Recording
ASA Detroit Chapter – “The Impact of Non-Normality on X-bar and R Control Charts for Weibull Populations” November 13, 2007

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