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Regression on the Calculator

Here are a few notes on regression and other stuff I’ve noticed over the past week:

1.  Remember my calculator post from last week?  Well, some of my Finite Math students were still having a little bit of trouble using the calculator to do Regression on the calculator.  This website on Cubic Regression seems to have done the trick for my students, and I don’t seem to be getting nearly as many questions about how to do regression on the calculator now have I have started to circulate this link around.  So, I figured I would throw it out there as a resource for everyone else!

2.   If you have a student who needs extra help and you aren’t fortunate enough to be teaching from a Pearson book that uses MyMathLab, you can always send your students over to InteractMath.  The student just needs to choose a book with similar topics to that of which you are studying, and exercises will be generated from there.  Actually, I’m using it in the on-line class I’m designing this semester because part of the challenge of creating this class is that we are supposed to use strictly free, on-line resources.  And this definitely qualifies!

3.  Eh, if you’re reading this, check out this great Math Magic Trick and list of Five Things to Do with Your Old Laptop.  I know, both are very random links, so I’ll tag them as #miscellaneous, how about that?
By Jon Oaks

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