Winter 2016 Version of my Statistics Coursepack for Triola

Texas Instruments Statistics Handbook for TI-83

ASA Resources for Undergraduate Teachers

Link to my Statistics MindMap

Suggestions for the First Day of Class

Sugar Coated Statistics

Starting it Out Right

Book Suggestions

A Guide to Teaching Statistics

Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks

Descriptive Statistics

Statistics Password Game

Histogram Match-Up

Histogram Sort

N.O.I.R. (Levels of Measurement)

Random Sampling vs. Simple Random Sampling

Guessing Ages Activity

The Beef Taco Dilemma

Finding the Standard Deviation from a Frequency Table

Statistics Password

Normal Distribution Password


Probability Assignment

Probability Lab

Inferential Statistics

Confidence Interval Sort (for TI-84)


Correlation Lab

Word List for Correlation Activity (pg. 45 of ‘Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks’)

Runs Test for Randomness

A Famous Teaching Experiment

Control Charts

Deming’s Experiment

Enhancing Students Understanding of Control Charts Using a Dice Activity


Online P-Value Calculator

Against All Odds: Statistics Videos

Real Life Data – Addiction Statistics

Addiction Resource – Alcohol and Drug Use in College

Vaping Daily – Smoking on Campus: Stopping After Starting

Smoking Among College Students