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Developing the Theory of Hypothesis Testing: An Exploration
There are many concepts associated with hypothesis testing, but it all comes down to variation. How unusual is the variation we observe in a sample?

Regression and Correlation

Correlation Lab

Word List for Correlation Activity (pg. 45 of ‘Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks’)

Nonlinear Modeling: Something Fishy
In this lesson by Douglas Whitaker, students explore nonlinear regression models to explain fish weight by using fish length. They will use both transformation of the response variable and polynomial regression. Geometric interpretations of variables are leveraged to suggest nonlinear models to fit.

Chi-Square Tests

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Runs Test for Randomness

A Famous Teaching Experiment

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Deming’s Experiment

Enhancing Students Understanding of Control Charts Using a Dice Activity


Online P-Value Calculator

Against All Odds: Statistics Videos

P.C. Mahalanobis – National Statistics Day in India

Skew The Script: A Website Offering Socially Relevant Math Lessons

Skew The Script lessons identify misleading data arguments and show students how the tools of statistics can be used to gain a deeper understanding of some of our country’s longstanding problems.

Data and Data Visualization


The words “geography” and “map” are commonly associated, largely because “map visualization is used to analyze and display the geographically related data and present it in the form of different map types.” Readers interested in dabbling in data visualization and map making will enjoy this article, “10 Map Types in Visualization: Make Your Data Eye-catching,” which covers some basic principles for creating data displays. As the title suggests, 10 different map types are covered, with a description, visualization, and suggested use for each. For example, point maps may be used for “accident tracking,” while line maps are great for showing transportation routes. There is also the three-dimensional rectangular map, branded the “upgraded version of the point map.” The conclusion of the piece adds remarks on the best platforms and technologies to create these maps. Readers may recognize one of these suggested apps, Tableau Public, from the 11-17-2017 Scout Report. The other suggested software, FineReport, is freely available to download for personal use, and users will find a link to download it at the top of the article. Readers should note that this article was published in FineReport’s blog as an example of how their platform can be used. [EMB]


Chartbuilder is designed to turn numerical data into polished, ready-to-publish static charts in just a few steps. The tool was originally developed by the financial news site Quartz for its journalists to easily create charts for their articles. Chartbuilder can create an XY chart or a chart grid with a number of options to customize formatting and appearance. A helpful preview window shows how the chart will look on mobile as well as desktop. Users can input their raw data as plaintext or import a JSON file, and they can export the final product as a PNG image, SVG, or JSON. Chartbuilder’s interface is designed for functionality, but there is a steep learning curve for beginners since there are no instructions or tutorials on the page. [HCL]

Real Life Data – Addiction Statistics

Addiction Resource – Alcohol and Drug Use in College

Vaping Daily – Smoking on Campus: Stopping After Starting

Smoking Among College Students