Tech Resources for Teachers: Backchanneling and more!

Over the past few months I have been trying to totally emerge myself into the world of Instructional Technology.  I have seen so many resources and as we all know, they eventually become repetitive.  I hate reading a list of "The Top Best New 100 Resources for Teachers" and half of them I already know about, and the other half end up being useless because they are either ill-designed or expensive.

Well, with Richard Byrne's Favorite Tech Resources for Teachers comes a breath of fresh air.  There were so many new resources on this website that I hadn't heard of before, and they were in areas that I either really needed or wanted additional resources in.  These areas include Backchanneling and websites to create your own games!  I was really impressed with the unique categories on this list of resources, and I really think that it is really worth a moment of your time to check out.
However, if you want to stay stale and in the past, feel free to do so.

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