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The Side Effects of Technology Overload

I am co-presenting a presentation on “The Side Effects of Technology Overload” with another participant at Screencast Camp 2012.  Below is a list of some articles on the topic that are meant to spark discussion within the group.  I will share some notes on the discussion once the session is over.

WebMD: When Technology Overtakes Your Life

Consumer Reports: Therapists Sees Signs of ‘Technology Overload’

The Culture Connection: Technology Overload? Five Steps to break Free

Harvard Business Review: Death by Information Overload

Side Effects of the E-Society

Kevin Shaw: Why I Don’t Want To Ever Buy a Smartphone

Reuters: Technology Overload Can Ruin Relationships

Seattle Times: Beware of Digital Overload and Technology Failure

Delta Dental: Technology Overload May Benefit Your Health

By Jon Oaks

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