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Using Jing in the On-line Classroom

I just started facilitating my first on-line course ever this week.  I say facilitate, because I really don't believe that I'm actually teaching the students anything in the traditional sense.  In fact, they are actually learning through reading the textbook, discussion forums on ANGEL, and MathZone.  However, since this is my first experience with MathZone, I don't actually have very many tips to give the students, as I am learning the quirks of the platform along with them.  One of them is the way that the student must enter the multiplication symbol.  I think that this tutorial that I made using Jing may actually be useful to others.  But that's not why I'm sharing this.  I'm sharing it because I want to make everyone aware of Jing, a free program for making instant screenshots and screencasts that I have found to be an invaluable resource in getting material from my computer to my students.  And now that I am facilitating an on-line course, Jing has just become about 10 times more useful overnight.  Check it out:

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By Jon Oaks

College Math Instructor. Tech Enthusiast. Visionary. Creative Genius. But above all, I enjoy what I do. That is why I am a teacher. Because I like to teach.

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